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  • Reach 10 million+ new users a month
  • Drive traffic at significantly cheaper rates than SEM
  • Acquire quality users – people genuinely interested in your offers
  • View accurate tracking and analysis reports
  • Get unparalleled customer service

DownloadAdmimTM can place your product in front of relevant users through large-scale media buys and a broad network of distribution partners. Our Responsive Delivery Platform, is an enterprise-level installation platform that allows you to efficiently distribute software products via the web.

Here’s How It Works:

You reach new users by advertising your software during the installation of other applications. We can help you:

  1. Set Goals

    You choose the max bid you’re willing to pay per install of your software.

  2. Get Recommended

    High-quality developers then recommend your software to their users during installation via advanced targeting options.

  3. Save Money

    You only pay when a user accepts the recommendation and successfully installs your software.

  4. Track Success

    Our system automatically optimizes your campaign and provides you with real-time analytics.

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We Offer You:

  • High-Quality Content + Design

    We leverage years of experience to create offer screens that present clear choices to end users that are optimized for your target demographics.

  • Advanced Targeting Options

    Target users in the specific geographic locations you’re looking for. Or, target only the browsers and operating systems that are working for your offer.

  • Zero Risk – You Pay For Results Only

    You only pay when users install your software.

  • Unparalleled Customer Service

    Whatever you need, when you need it.

  • Solid Industry Experience

    We provide advanced, real-time analytics and tracking.

  • Trusted Channels

    We take pride in our work and in the people we work with. Our network ensures that new users will discover your products through exclusive publishing partners who are well-known and trusted.

  • Quality Users

    We help you target the right audience by managing where recommendations are shown and under which circumstances.

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