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Q: What is DownloadAdminTM?

A: DownloadAdminTM is a software network that helps Software Marketers and Publishers earn money and reach millions of new users, fast! DownloadAdminTM benefits advertisers and users in unique ways:

  • Software Marketers and Distribution Partners reach new users and get installs for their products. Application Publishers generate revenue from their installs. Users get the chance to accept free offers in a safe and clearly disclosed environment.
  • Users can enjoy a comfortable, entirely opt-in process where all offers are optional. Users install high quality applications and decide whether or not they want to try other recommended software.

Q: Does DownloadAdminTM offer software distributers a dashboard or real-time analytics?

A: Yes. As a DownloadAdminTM Software Distributor, you have 24-hour access to a reporting dashboard that enables you to view real-time data and A/B tests. You can measure each install daily, even hourly, if needed.

You’ll get funnel and conversion reports for every aspect of your installation.

Q: Does DownloadAdminTM offer account management?

A: Yes. We have a skilled team of account managers that will help integrate DownloadAdminTM for you.

Our account managers can help you set installation goals and metrics, and track revenue per install (RPI). They can even help you choose which advertisers to work with for maximum payout.

Q: Do partners have any control over what products they are bundled with?

A: Yes. As a partner, YOU decide which advertisers you want to work with. You can use your own advertisers, or you can utilize the DownloadAdminTM network of industry leading advertisers.

Partners can review all advertisers that they will be bundled with and have the ability to approve or deny whomever they wish.

Q: Do advertisers have any control over what products they are bundled with?

A: Yes. Advertisers have the ability to review who they will be bundled with and have the ability to approve or deny whomever they wish.

Q: I’m downloading something and I see offers from DownloadAdminTM. Why am I seeing these offers?

A: Our hope is that you will discover great software that’s useful to you. You are in no way required to accept anything. Anything you do accept can easily be removed from your add/remove programs list.

Q: How does participating in DownloadAdminTM work as a software developer looking to get distribution for my products?

A: To learn more about the DownloadAdminTM Software Network, check out our advertiser page.

Q: What happens when I run an installer that’s DownloadAdminTM-powered?

A: When you run an installer powered by DownloadAdminTM, it asks our servers for a list of applications that make sense based on your language, operating system, country and the type of product you are downloading. Our plug-in then selects the first valid recommendation to show. Recommendations must pass certain criteria to be valid (such as, “Is this software already installed?” and “Are the necessary files needed to install this available?” etc…). For each recommendation in the list, an anonymous “Yes” or “No” is sent back to our servers so we can collect aggregate data to improve our recommendations.

Once a valid recommendation is found in the list, our plug-in presents the recommendation to you. At this point, you can choose whether you want to install the recommended software. Non-personally identifiable statistics about the developer’s software installation, the recommendation process, and the installation of recommended software, are collected.

Q: What happens if I accept a recommendation?

A: If you choose to accept a recommendation, our plug-in launches a small download manager after the developer’s installation has completed that downloads the recommended software.

Q: What happens if I do not accept a recommendation?

A: If you do not accept a recommendation you get your primary software choice for free, as advertised! Anonymous installer analytics are still collected about the installation of the primary software.

Q: Do DownloadAdminTM-powered installers only show recommendations during installation?

A: Yes.

Q: How do you know the software in the DownloadAdminTM network is safe?

A: Our #1 priority at DownloadAdminTM is ensuring all software in our network is safe. We have stringent guidelines and practices that we run each application through. This includes (but is not limited to), checking malware databases, security forums, software reviews by tech journalists and end-users, learning about the developer’s business practices (through the BBB and other sources), and trying each and every piece of software ourselves and discussing it as a team.

Q: What does “Opt-In” mean?

A: Opt-in means that users need to actively choose to “accept” your offer by clicking on the clearly labeled “accept” button. Users can at any time “decline” your offer to continue on without the offered product or to “cancel” the entire download.

Q: What information does DownloadAdminTM collect during installation of an installer powered by DownloadAdminTM?

A: First and foremost, we do NOT collect any personally identifiable information. Nor do we store IP addresses.

We collect the following NON-personally identifiable information for aggregate statistical purposes:

  • A) Operating system version and language, country location of the computer running the installer.
  • B) That the developer’s installer was initiated, and whether it was completed or canceled
  • C) Whether or not each potential recommendation was or wasn’t valid for a computer
  • D) Whether a recommendation was made and if so, whether it was accepted or declined
  • E) If a recommendation was accepted, whether the recommended software’s installer has been downloaded and installed
  • F) Whether the recommended software’s installer was initiated, and, if so, whether it was completed or canceled.

For more information about what “personally identifiable information” or “PII” is, see this Wikipedia article

Q: When is this information collected?

A: A, B, C, and D are collected during installation of the developer’s software. E is only collected when a recommendation is accepted and our download manager is launched.

Q: Why does DownloadAdminTM collect this information?

A: All of the data we collect is used to either help make better recommendations or help our partners improve their software and user experience.

Q: What do you do with this information?

A: We use this non-personally identifiable information in the aggregate to understand how our network and its participants are performing. We also provide this information to the software developers of the application you’re installing. Software advertisers are provided with anonymous statistics about how recommendations of their software are performing.


Jane, a software advertiser in the DownloadAdminTM Software Network, receives anonymous, aggregate statistics about the performance of recommendations of her software. So Jane can learn how many times her Secure File Deletion Utility was recommended, downloaded, or installed.

Q: I have DownloadAdminTM files on my computer, how do I remove or ‘uninstall’ them?

A: If you ran a DownloadAdminTM-powered installer that used a version of our plug-in prior to version 1.3 OR you downloaded an older version of an DownloadAdminTM developer’s software installer, then DownloadAdminTM provided files may have been left on your computer.

Our plug-in (which software developer’s integrate into their installer) is only used during installation of the developer’s software and has no standalone functionality. That means our plug-in can only “run” or be used by the software installer that integrated it. Therefore, you will not find an entry for our installer plug-in in Microsoft Windows** Add/Remove programs.

That said, it’s very easy to remove or “uninstall” DownloadAdmin’sTM installer plug-in. If you decide to uninstall the developer’s software whose installer included it, it will be removed automatically. You can manually delete the file yourself if you want it removed but do not want to uninstall the developer’s software. Please note that if you delete the file yourself, and you eventually decide to uninstall the developer’s software, you may receive an error during the uninstall process. You can click “Ok” or “Continue” and the developer’s software will be uninstalled properly .

Q: What should I do if I think I’ve found a bug in the DownloadAdminTM recommendation process?

A: No matter how hard we try, we aren’t perfect (nobody is), so it’s possible for a bug to slip through. If you think you’ve found one, please let us know.