About Us

DownloadAdmin™ is a trademarked product of Tightrope Interactive.

Who are we? We’re a full-service online marketing firm specializing in downloadable product development and distribution, media buying and lead generation.

Founded in 2004 by an executive team of hard working, high fliers with extensive online media experience, Tightrope Interactive has since grown exponentially—but we’ve always remained true to our core values:

“We are committed to creating long-term value for our users, advertisers, developers, partners and our employees. We believe in maintaining our pledge to an ethical and honest work environment.”

Today, our Software Network powers millions of user-friendly, opt-in only software recommendations every month. Our established partners include ALOT, WeatherBug, PriceGong and IAC. We’re working with some of the world’s best software developers and continuing to expand our existing partnerships and create new ones.


Contact us at: webmaster@downloadadmin.com